Legislative Issues and Policy Tracking

CDFU monitors, responds, and partakes in all levels of policy, science, and legislative development regarding fisheries issues that have the potential to affect commercial fisheries in Prince William Sound, Copper River Delta, and Northern waters of Alaska's Gulf. This page is meant to provide resources for anyone looking for information on bills or policies affecting commercial fisheries. Check our event calendar to stay up to date on upcoming events, meetings, and issues. 


The Alaska State Legislature provides many resources for anyone wishing to stay up to date on policies and in contact with their representatives. Cordova District Fishermen United, as political advocates of Area E commercial fishermen, tracks and responds to various bills through out each congressional session. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Contact your Legislator by mail, e-mail, phone, and fax or by sending a Public Opinion Message.

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31st Congressional Session/ 116th Congress (2019)

January 15th, 1st Day of Session - April 14th 90th Day of Session

State policy & Legislation

SB22 Shellfish Enhancement Projects; Hatcheries. - Referred to Senate Finance Committee- "An Act relating to management of enhanced stocks of shellfish; authorizing certain nonprofit organizations to engage in shellfish enhancement projects; relating to application fees for salmon hatchery permits; and providing for an effective date." View CDFU letter of support.

SB 63 Fish Tax: Repeal Muni Refunds/Revenue Sharing - Referred to Senate Finance Committee - “An Act repealing the fisheries business tax allocation to municipalities; repealing the refunds to local governments of fisheries business taxes; repealing revenue sharing for the fishery resource landing tax; providing for an effective date by amending the effective date of sec. 36, ch. 61, SLA 2014; and providing for an effective date.”

30th congressional session/ 115th Congress (2018)

State policy & legislation

HB56 Commercial Fishing Loanspassed - this increases the cap limit of loans available for purchasing permits or vessels increasing the buying power of those entering into fisheries. 

HB 260- Fish& Game licenses; Electronic form.  Looks at allowing electronic passes and permits for sports fishermen, hunters, and trappers. This bill is now moving to the resource committee.- SIGNED INTO LAW

HB188- Comm.Fish. Entry Permits; Loans; Trusts- Referred to Labor and Commerce -addresses setting up a regional fisheries trust to hold permits and temporarily transfer them to prospective fishermen. 

HB87- Conflict of Interest BD Fish and Game- Referred to Sate Affairs- This bill addresses BOF members voting on issues in which they have a conflict of interest. HB87 would allow BOF members to offer input on subjects where a conflict of interest is divulged but leave that member still unable to vote on those matters. 

SB210-Seafood Misrepresentation on Menus- Referred to Judiciary-  A retail food establishment may not misrepresent on a menu the identity or origin of a seafood or seafood ingredient in a prepared food product.

SB211- Temp. Transfer of Comm. Fishing Permits- Referred to Resources- The Board of Fisheries may require a person who holds a limited entry permit or an interim-use permit or who is a temporary transferee to be physically present at a beach or riparian fishing site during the operation of net gear or other stationary fishing gear at the site, except when the permit holder or temporary transferee is at or traveling to or from the location of

HB379- Comm Fishermen's Fund: Vessel Owner Claims- Referred to Finance-  If a fisherman files a claim for benefits under this chapter and also files a claim against the protection and indemnity insurance policy of the vessel owner, the vessel owner is entitled to receive a benefit, not to exceed the amount of the actual loss. 

Federal policy& legislation

S.3138 Marine Aquaculture act of 2017- Referred to Committee on Commerce, Science, Transportation- is seeking to establish a regulatory system for marine aquaculture in the United States exclusive economic zone, and for other purposes.

HJR 35/ SJR 13 Urging Co-Management plan for sea otters Referred to house committee of Natural Resources- Urging the United States Congress to amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act; urging certain federal agencies to permit Alaska Native organizations and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to co-manage, take, and study sea otters; and urging the United States Secretary of the Interior to review evidence and waive certain provisions of the moratorium on taking sea otters.

HR 200 Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act - Passed House-  This bill revises and reauthorizes through FY2022 the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA). Revisions include: fisheries management plans for overfished stocks, catch limit requirements, determination if fish stocks that are labeled depleted are due to human or natural influence.

S.168 Commercial Vessel Discharge Act- This bill requires the U.S. Coast Guard to address the regulation of discharges incidental to the normal operation of a commercial vessel into navigable waters, including ballast water discharges and aquatic nuisance species contained in the discharges- SIGNED INTO LAW

S.1520 Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2018 - To expand recreational fishing opportunities through enhanced marine fishery conservation and management, and for other purposes”- SIGNED INTO LAW