Fish to School

Fish to School is a donation drive event, made possible by the local commercial fishing fleet and processors, to our schools to help feed students through out the year with salmon. This is in conjunction with the educational programs that teach local youth about the life cycle of salmon. Copper river watershed holds an annual luncheon that occurs in June celebrating the diverse roles that make up Cordova's fishing industry.

We want to thank the Area E commercial fleet for their continued donation to this Program. With out the help of our fleet and local Processors Programs like this would not be possible.

In 2018, 595 Prince William Sound Sockeye were donated by our Area E fleet.

Photo by Kinsey Justa

Photo by Kinsey Justa

Through a multi organizational effort by CDFU, Prince William Sound Science Center, Copper River Watershed Project, and Wild Salmon Center,  students are given the opportunity to learn about local careers in the Fishing industry of Cordova. Students write up questions for fishermen, processors, local research entities, and organizations that all help continue preserving our fisheries in the Copper River Delta.

After students and local fishermen complete their interviews lunch is served, on the plate delicious Copper River salmon! Salmon is used for lunches through out the year so that kids may have healthy eating choices that also build appreciation for local sustainable resources.  CDFU facilitates fish drives where our drift gillnet fleet donates on average 800 pounds a year to the schools. Local processors and tenders donate their time and work effort to prepare the fillets for future use in lunch plans. 

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